Pentarch Agricultural markets Australian oaten hay, cottonseed and other grain internationally, delivering safe, quality produce through chain-of-custody systems that ensure timely consignment and fulfilment of customer expectations.

We offer high-tech and quality-compliant solutions across our key areas of activity:

  • Procurement and processing of oaten hay for export
  • International marketing of hay, cotton seed and grains
  • Grains storage and packing

Continual improvement processes are adapted to all aspects of our business.


“Our strength lies in our ability to combine logistical expertise, proximity to resource and state-of-the-art processing with a strong knowledge of the Australian agricultural sector and a firm customer base in major export markets. This, combined with a continual improvement process across all aspects of our business, develops and empowers our people to pursue sustainable growth for our key stakeholders.”

– Bill Castlemain, CEO

Key aspects of our business

Pentarch Agricultural is a principal marketer of Australian produce to international customers.

Our business development ensures:

  • High-tech processing facilities and highly developed logistics
  • Rigorous compliance with grading and quality systems
  • Marketing to end-user requirements