Sales and marketing

Pentarch Farms exports a variety of oaten hay, wheaten hay and straw products to Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and the Middle East to meet the feed requirements of dairy and beef cattle.

Pentarch has engaged strategically located representatives in Japan, Korea and China to assist in market development and sales administration, providing direct communication support to customers and end users.

Intimate knowledge of individual customer requirements has been imperative to building long and successful relationships with clientele.

Please download the "Pentarch Farms CFR sales terms and trade".

Trade locations

Pentarch Agricultural interfaces with its markets through representatives based in each region. Our representatives are long-term partners with Pentarch Agricultural, which enables us to establish and develop strong relationships with our customers and end users.

We work closely with our representatives to strategically plan for each region while also responding to ever-changing market conditions to deliver safe feed and effective service on a continual improvement basis.

Japan is our longest established market, where customer relations have been developed over a twenty-year period. Korea and Taiwan, although much smaller markets, have been established over the last fifteen years.

The Chinese market is in the early stages of development and will figure strongly in Pentarch Agricultural’s future planning.

Acquisition & quality control

Pentarch Farms’ staff work closely with farmers to ensure crops are grown under strict quality parameters – including recommending oat seed varieties and sowing rates, monitoring fertiliser inputs, chemical applications, cutting and baling times and storing the product – to ensure the product that is delivered to the processing plant is of the highest standard.

All hay is traced from sowing the seed to shipment from either Fremantle or Melbourne ports. We treat very seriously our responsibility in following protocols that ensure all hay exported is free of annual ryegrass toxicity (ARGT) and that all chemicals used throughout the growing process are traced and recorded in Foddersafe.

Prior to processing, all Pentarch Farm hay is graded using physical and laboratory testing methods to ensure consistency across all grades. Physical testing is subjective, encompassing visual, smell, taste and texture inspections; laboratory testing is objective and generally confirms the history of the crop and the results of the physical inspections. Fundamental to the successful growth of the Pentarch brand has been a strict adherence to our grading system, providing a level of consummate consistency of product to the market.

Logistics & export documentation

From the seed that is sown in May to the crop that is cut and baled in Spring, from paddock to hay plant, from hay plant to port, from local port to international port – supply chain efficiencies are of the utmost importance to deliver timely and cost-effective product to the marketplace.

Over many years, Pentarch has established strong relationships with reputable companies who support us to constantly maintain the most effective supply chain model and provide assistance when faced with unforeseen difficulties in transport.