Australian Forestry Standards

Pentarch Forest Products Pty Ltd (Pentarch Forestry) is known throughout the industry as a trusted and established forest manager and international wood marketer.

We manage private forest estates to ensure optimal environmentally sustainable forest management practice at all times, by applying:

  • a systematic approach to sustainable forest management that is independently certified to the Australian Forestry Standard for Sustainable Forest Management, AS 4708; and
  • “forest to market” solutions that optimise returns to growers.

Pentarch Forest Products is certified to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS 4708) and includes operations within New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. A copy of the certificate can be downloaded here - AFS Certificate

We recognise the importance to all Pentarch Forestry customers that the Australian Forestry Certification Scheme (AFCS) has international recognition. This recognition occurs through the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Compliance with forest management system certification is audited by an accredited, independent, third-party certification body to ensure compliance, continuous improvement and transparency. Surveillance audits occur every nine months, with re-certification audits conducted every three years.

A summary of the most recent audit can be downloaded here - FMS Audit Summary Report

Defined Forest Areas (DFA)

The size and location of Pentarch Forestry’s DFA is dynamic.

There are four forest management units (FMU): two in Tasmania and two in mainland Australia. These are described as:

  • Mainland - eucalypt plantations
  • Mainland - native forest
  • Tasmania - eucalypt plantations
  • Tasmania - pine plantations

DFA Maps 2016 can be downloaded below:


Chain of custody (CoC) is the process by which materials are tracked by individual operations as wood is transformed from a tree in the forest to a final end product provided to a consumer in a wholesale or retail market (i.e. from forest to sawmill to processing facility to marketplace).

Through Group Chain of Custody Certification, Pentarch Forestry enhance’s its ability to demonstrate and promote a healthy, local forest products industry - the connection between a healthy forest ecosystem and certified wood product in the marketplace.

Maintaining a system of continuous improvement within the Chain of Custody certification demonstrates that Pentarch Forestry is committed to implementing and demonstrating ethical business behaviour and reassuring consumers that their purchasing decisions are responsible.

Our Sustainable Forestry Policy, which is part of our management plan, commits the company to complying with the relevant chain of custody standards, the principles of sustainable forestry and relevant legal and regulatory requirements.


Pentarch Forestry achieved PEFC multi-site chain of custody certification on 4 June 2012. This allows for the purchase of 100% PEFC-certified roundwood logs, the selling of 100% certified roundwood logs, and the manufacture and sales of 100% PEFC-certified wood chips using the physical separation method. A copy of the certificate can be downloaded here - PEFC CoC Certificate


For information on the above standards, please visit:


The Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001 is internationally recognised and enables Pentarch Forestry to achieve environmental regulatory compliance. It provides a framework for achieving and continually improving our environmental performance.

Australian Marshalling Services (AMS), as part of the Pentarch Forestry Group, provides portside storage, quality control, measurement and logistics solutions for the export of log and allied wood products within Australia. Operations have been recently expanded to include the provision of toll woodchipping services.

As part of its commitment to the environment, AMS holds environment protection licences (EPL) with the NSW Environmental Protection Authority for activities conducted at its Log Yard and Chip Export Terminal located in Eden NSW.

A copy of the EPL licences can be downloaded here - EPL Licence Chip Export Terminal - EPL Licence Export Log Yard

The Chip Export Terminal also has certification to EMS ISO 14001 and this is audited by an external certification body to ensure that compliance to this standard is maintained. A copy of the certficate can be downloaded here - EMS Certificate

It is a requirement of the Chip Export Terminal’s EPL for pollution monitoring results to be published. Latest results can be downloaded here - Pollution Monitoring Results

It is a requirement of the Eden Log Yard licence to publish monitoring when fumigation of a vessel occurs. The latest reports can be downloaded here - Monitoring Fumigation Report

It is a requirement of the NSW Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 that those with an EPL have in place a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan. Copies of plans for both the log yard and the chip export terminal can be downloaded here - PIRMP for the Eden Export Log Yard - PIRMP for the Eden Chip Export Terminal


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