Pentarch Forest Products can export all commercially grown plantation softwood and hardwood species as whole round logs cut to order.

Our exports have comprised Radiata Pine, Douglas Fir, Ponderosa Pine and Eucalyptus Nitens species, grown in Australia and New Zealand.

We can also supply wood fibre in woodchip and lumber.

Logs are sold in units of Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS) cubic metres with 10 cm free trim. Woodchip can be sold in a number of ways, as agreed by both parties.

Pentarch Forestry

Products list and applications
  • PE - Pruned Log
  • PP - Partially Pruned Log
  • A 40 - A Grade - SED 40 cm+
  • A 30 - A Grade - SED 30 cm+
  • K - SED 20 cm+
  • KI - SED 26 cm+, Industrial Log
  • KIS - SED 12 cm+, Industrial Log