Thermal treatment line

Pentarch Industrial operates two thermal destruction furnaces. Both have pollution control equipment fitted.

Each has afterburners fitted that can operate up to 960 oC with a two-second residence time, allowing for a high degree of thermal decomposition of partially combusted products (e.g. phenols, aromatic hydrocarbons, aldehydes, carbon monoxide and carbon particulate).

Non-thermal treatment line

Pentarch Industrial operates a highly efficient wet emission treatment line offering the highest particulate scrubbing efficiency for high concentrations of sub-micron particulate commercially available. The system consists of a three-stage scrubbing process: stage one is a water deluge spray tower, stage two is a high-pressure flooded venturi and stage three is a cyclonic wastewater separator. A high-pressure fan provides the required high-pressure drop across the scrubbing system, while also providing adequate extraction in order to capture the emissions from the materials while they are being generated.

Ammunition breakdown equipment

Pentarch Industrial specialises in disposal of ammunition of all sizes. Pentarch Industrial has a range of air operated approved devices and dismantling equipment. Our equipment is regularly earth checked and tested and is fully Class 1 compliant.

Specialist disposal options are available upon request subject to a feasibility and operational risk review.

Spray paint line equipment

Pentarch Industrial operates two spray paint lines. The main spray line is located in Wangaratta. A second line is located in Oaklands for use during peak demand and when additional box preparation and storage is required. Pentarch Industrial can offer a range of undercoating and top coating paint systems along with customised stencilling. Further to this, we offer sign design and making solutions.

Packaging marking facilities

Wangaratta has a range of stencilling and marking equipment. Pentarch Industrial can custom-make screens on site and offer barcoding and radio-frequency product-tracking solutions.