In order to grow Pentarch as a business, we have made the necessary commercial decisions to develop our facilities and train staff, to make us competitive for appropriate future Industry and Defence needs.

We have established - through extensive research, development and training - our sites and systems and built a large proportion of our equipment from the ground up. Our procedures are well developed to ensure safety, security and traceability of our products.

The result for Pentarch Industrial is that it has three projects that run autonomously, transparently and professionally.

South Melbourne

The Directors, executive and senior managers for Pentarch Forestry, Pentarch Agricultural and Pentarch Industrial are located at our Melbourne office along with staff for various support functions.

Located at Kings Garden Estate, Level 1, 99 Coventry Street, Southbank, our head office houses all of the business systems, business support and people support services in a modern office environment.


The Wangaratta site is where the majority of Pentarch Industrial's ammunition box preparation and refurbishment takes place. The factory contains a semi-automated spray line including state-of-the-art water curtain paint mist filtration. Box preparation, box stencilling and box refurbishment lines are also located in this facility. The site also has a pallet de-palletiser and refurbishment line together with CNC sheet metal cutting and engraving facility.