OUR activities

Ammunition, packaging, engineering and manufacturing

We are responsible for maintaining the inventory of Defence’s most commonly used ammunition package and the internal furniture. This project started in 2003 with 25,000 boxes and today there are more than 600,000 boxes of this type tracked throughout their lifecycle within the Defence system.

A non-removable barcode enables discreet tracking of the pack and potentially its contents throughout its serviceable life. Today our role has expanded to include the M19A1, M548 and PA125 boxes and their internal furniture.

Ammunition box management and reuse

Pentarch Industrial collects used steel packaging, M2A1, M19A1, M548 and PA125 from all the depots around Australia for inspection and refurbishment. Boxes tested and found unfit for refurbishment are sent to metal recycling facilities.

Ammunition Box Mangement

Demilitarisation operations

Since 1996, Pentarch has worked on ammunition and other hazardous goods disposal for Defence and other government and private clients - on ammunition as small as 9mm and 5.56mm through various calibres up to and including specialist 105mm artillery ammunition. In developing techniques for this work, the imperative is safe disposal maximising the recycling in an environmentally acceptable manner.

105mm tank projectile


Disposal of hazardous goods and pyrotechnics

Pentarch Industrial operates within a specialist market and derives its success from providing environmentally acceptable, safe, cost-effective and capable disposal solutions to our customers. Our key clientele include the Department of Defence, federal and state police authorities, state WorkCover authorities and a host of private organisations.

We offer our facility, accredited as a ‘schedule’ premises under the New South Wales (NSW) EPA for Waste Disposal (Thermal Treatment) and Waste Processing (Non-thermal treatment). Pentarch Industrial also holds a load-based EPA licence 11947 with the New South Wales EPA.

Our licence currently allows us to receive and treat products by thermal destruction (T200 thermal treatment), including flares (E120 processing and destruction) and other hazardous products (T200 waste of an explosive nature not subject to other legislation).

Hazardous goods handling solutions

Pentarch Industrial is able to transport hazardous or prescribed waste and restricted wastes under our NSW EPA licence 11920. Pentarch Industrial uses an online waste tracking system developed by the NSW EPA which automatically informs the client, the receiving site and EPA authorities of waste transport. This system also generates Waste Transport Certificates for the transporter where Pentarch Industrial uses an alternative EPA-licenced carrier.

General materials storage solutions

Pentarch Industrial has over 28,000 m2 of undercover and secure warehousing and storage available in Oaklands, NSW. Pentarch Industrial offers cost-effective, large-scale storage and distribution for a range of non-hazardous goods from of our Oaklands site.

Hazardous materials storage solutions

Pentarch Industrial has a number of Class 1 storage facilities. We can offer pick-up, storage and disposal of out-of-life Class 1 dangerous goods. We also offer disposal options for other hazardous goods items. They are secured by patrol and alarm systems.

Recycling of plastics, metal and timber

Pentarch Industrial recovers, reuses and recycles all materials where this is feasible. A large percentage of each disposal project is recovered and minimal material goes to landfill or other offsite treatment facilities. Recovered materials are separated into materials that can be reused for their current purpose and recyclables that can be reprocessed into feedstock for new materials.

Pallet refurbishment

Pentarch maintains a full pallet recycling plant and retains in storage a large quantity of hardwood and softwood pallets for sale or reuse in the business.