our approach

Sustainability & environment

Protecting the environment and minimising our impact on our surroundings are important objectives for Pentarch Industrial.

We have invested significantly in best practice technology and equipment so that we can offer our customers environmentally responsible disposal solutions that are cost effective and don’t adversely affect our surroundings.

Wherever possible, we use the RRR approach (Recover, Reuse, Recycle) to any disposal feasibility assessment and include environmental and safety risks in our rigorous risk assessment approach.


Pentarch believes in supporting local communities, contractors and suppliers where possible. Together, we have developed broader capabilities to enable us to meet our customers’ needs in a timely and efficient way.

Many local service providers have invested in training and equipment to meet our needs. In turn, we have engaged them for tasks which previously would have been sourced from major city providers.

We place a great deal of importance in supporting and developing our staff in their local areas.

Our two production sites are located in regional Australia, and our business provides significant employment opportunities within those regions. As Pentarch develops and expands, we intend that employment opportunities will increase, helping to retain skills and people in these areas.