The oldest company in The Pentarch Group, Pentarch Industrial was established in 1984 and employs over 30 staff. Pentarch Industrial is renowned for its innovative, specialised solutions to the disposal of munitions and other hazardous goods, and the management of ammunition packaging.

We take pride in offering environmentally acceptable solutions to the complex range of challenges confronted by our Industry and Defence clients.

Our relationship with the Australian Department of Defence goes back to 1986. Since then, Pentarch has developed its Defence-related activities, obtaining a range of accreditations for security and quality management and enforcing a strict respect for deadlines, accountability and accuracy.

Over time, Pentarch has broadened its client base and now provides a range of services to various Industry customers including:

We see ourselves as innovators and are proud we have grown through our own research and development, sites and systems, and built a large proportion of our equipment from the ground up. Our investment in processes and governing documentation has been substantial. Today, there is a detailed chain of custody, supported with step-by-step working instructions for each task we have performed.


Pentarch Industrial offers specialised, environmentally acceptable solutions to the disposal of munitions and other hazardous goods and the management of ammunitions packaging.

Pentarch Industrial is a key service provider to Industry and Department of Defence clients.

Key areas include:

  • Ammunition package management service
  • Ammunition packaging production and refurbishment
  • Small arms, medium calibre ammunition and pyrotechnics and hazardous goods disposal
  • Anti-personnel spray and flare disposal

our people

Pentarch Industrial employs a range of qualified and experienced staff. Core skills and capability are in occupational health and safety, mechanical and electrical engineering, environmental engineering, explosive handling, packaging and storage and risk management.

Staff qualifications include:

  • Licensed to handle explosives
  • Trained in FFE (Free From Explosives) certification
  • WorkCover Explosives License for Unsupervised Handlers
  • Certificate in Public Safety (Explosive Ordnance)
  • Defence Hazardous Goods Storage User Designation Code (UDC)
Where we are

Defence projects are managed from our Melbourne office located at Kings Garden Estate, Level 1, 99 Coventry Street, Southbank. Work takes place at our two regional facilities in Oaklands, New South Wales, and Wangaratta, Victoria.