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The Pentarch Group places considerable emphasis on leadership, responsibility and accountability and is committed to developing the skills and career paths of its employees. Creating a rewarding, challenging and safe workplace for all our people is one of our highest priorities.

We foster a performance-driven culture throughout the group and reward performance against stated objectives through incentive schemes.


Simon Yuncken
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Pentarch, Simon practised as a chartered accountant, developing commercial expertise in an array of industries. Commencing with the Pentarch Group in 1997 as Chief Financial Officer, Simon gained an in-depth knowledge of the groups’ various operating divisions and was responsible for the implementation of effective systems, policies and procedures to facilitate the Groups’ continual growth. In January 2014 Simon was elevated to the role of Group Chief Executive Officer.

Malcolm McComb

Malcolm is the Chairman of the Pentarch Holdings Board of Directors. He joined the Pentarch Group in 1987. Formerly the Group Chief Executive Officer, he has had a strong strategic and operational involvement in the establishment and development of both the Agricultural and Forestry divisions with a particular emphasis on marketing and shipping aspects within each division.

As Chairman of the Pentarch Group of companies, Malcolm is responsible for the Board of Directors, including providing leadership and guidance on the governance and direction of the Pentarch Group.

Chris Deighton

Chris Deighton is the Managing Director of the Pentarch Group’s Industrial division. Chris has been responsible for the development of the company’s ammunition breakdown and recycling business and has 24 years’ experience in dealing with Defence and various environmental consultancies.

Chris established with The Department of Defence the Ammunition Packaging Management contract that commenced in 2003. In October 2014 this contract was extended until June 2020 and at present manages over 600,000 packages. The revised contract linked the disposal of ammunition with packaging and has set this division of Pentarch on the path of a success up to 2020.

Ian Sedger

Ian is a Director of the Pentarch Group with specialist knowledge in the Forest Products division. Ian joined the Group in 1993 after gaining experience in the plantation and forestry industry in Australia. Ian has been responsible for the development of resources in Australia and the marketing of various species into the countries of Asia and has had a particular interest in the development of the Chinese market for forest products. He is also versed in the various aspects of international trade and supply chain dynamics.

Fraser Cuthbertson
Chief Financial Officer

Before joining Pentarch, Fraser oversaw a range of business projects in Australia and the UK. Fraser joined the Pentarch Group over 7 years ago as the Group Financial Controller before stepping into the CFO role in January 2014. Fraser is responsible for overall financial and administrative management of the Group including the key areas of Treasury, Reporting, Forecasting, IT, Legal, HR, Tax, Capital Management and Risk.

Fraser has extensive experience across the operational, commercial and financial aspects of all three divisions of the Pentarch Group.

Bill Castlemain
Director Pentarch Agricultural

Bill has vast commercial experience across a range industries and disciplines including the agricultural sector, where he has spent the last 25 years. As CEO of Pentarch Agricultural his responsibilities are focused on the strategic direction and compliance for the division. Bill has been a director of Pentarch Farms, Narrogin Hay and Pentarch Grains since inception and has been involved operationally in the development of these business units.

Paul Heubner
Chief Executive Officer Pentarch Forestry

Paul has more than two decades’ experience in forestry. In 2000, Paul migrated from South Africa to Australia to join Pentarch Forestry as a Shipping Operations Manager and developed through a number of roles in the company including Chartering Manager and GM of Shipping and Marketing. In 2008 Paul was appointed General Manger for Pentarch Forestry and in September 2016 Paul was elevated to the role of CEO of the Pentarch Forestry Division. Paul is tasked with managing all forestry related operations and reports to the Pentarch Forestry Board of Directors.

Annie Bushnell
General Manager Pentarch Industrial

Annie Bushnell is the General Manager of Pentarch Pty Ltd and has 13 years’ experience in the business. In her role as General Manager, Annie is responsible for the facilities and staff management, co-ordination of the operation of licensing and the chain of custody required in all Pentarch operations and projects. Annie was responsible for obtaining the ISO 9001-2008 accreditation and ensures the practices of the company adhere to the rigid governance this formal system of quality standards imposes.